Welcome to my world....

Introducing...Pretty Nifty Productions!


If you have not checked out the production company that I help produce and direct for, here's your chance!

Pretty Nifty Productions had a HUGE year as we took home the "Filmaker of the Year", and "Best Comedy" awards at the 2016 TONGAL awards.

Along with the awesome wins, MASTERCARD surprised us with a trip to Japan to film as a "Priceless Surprise". We were flabbergasted...

That's right - Pretty Nifty Productions! A young millennial production company specializing in every aspect of digital advertising. You name it - we do it:

  • Copywriting
  • Pre-production
  • Post-production
  • Live action
  • 2D
  • 3D
  • VFX
  • and, yes, Virtual Reality

We believe that advertising shouldn't be boring, but absolutely entertaining. Our mission is to completely revamp how digital advertising is received by the new age millennial audience, in a way that's humorous, sharable and visually stunning.

You can find out more about Pretty Nifty Productions by going to our website - www.prettyniftyproductions.com